The Nolen family of real estate businesses has been rooted in Philadelphia for over 140 years.  James F. Nolen began the business in the late 1800s as a general contractor working on the Broad Street Subway and similar high profile projects.  The business grew to include the James F. Nolen & Sons construction supply company that is still in operation today.

Post World War II, James A. Nolen, Sr. and his partner Charles Erny built thousands of homes in the Philadelphia region. In the 1950s, the architectural firm of Nolen & Swinburne designed a number of prestigious buildings in both Philadelphia and Washington D.C. including two Cabinet buildings, HEW and HUD.

While the Nolen name is well known for its history and the nearly 10,000 homes it has built, the family’s single greatest accomplishment is its outstanding reputation built upon quality, trust and integrity.

Today, Nolen Properties is a fifth generation diversified real estate company led by James A. Nolen IV.  Our goal is to execute Class A multi-family, senior living and self-storage developments by pairing our real estate and financial expertise with “best in class” operators to create exceptional value for all stakeholders.

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